Crypto Currency Datasets - What is this website for? serves a large collection of free historical price data for a variety of crypto-currencies from various trading platforms for all data and financial analytics needs.

Where is the data from?

The data is collected regularly from each trading platform's API (Application programming interface) which basically means the data accuracy is determined solely on how the platform serves it.

How do the datasets look?

Each crypto-currency in each platform has a large data set which is divided into smaller slices, each represents data of up-to 4 weeks.
Each slice begins where the previous one ended, so to get the whole dataset a simple concatenation/merge is possible.

How do the slices look?

The slice file format is .csv(Comma-separated values), which is just a text file with columns and rows.
Each trading platform provides data somewhat similarly, therefore each slice file will have a timestamp (UTC Time) column and price, the other columns are dependent on what the platform's API provides.
A negative amount/volume value means that the market order that liquidized the limit order was a sell order.

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